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May 14, 2009

The Revolution is NOW. AllWNYRadio is under new ownership, a new face behind the curtain if you will. That being said, we celebrate this week with a 2 Hr. Double-Shot-O-Thon! A Pair of songs from each band participating will leave the unworthy breathless and cold...We'll "Open The Casket" for a classic thrash act, A Pair of Premiers and some freshly posted tracks as well. We floor the "Skully Gas Pedal" this week to Virginia, Washington, Canada and points beyond...Join us in celebration of the "Passing of the torch" anytime 24/7!!! Here's a checklist of malcontents and nardowells that you'll never see doubling as an Elvis Costello cover act.

1-Dead River Poets-Dead To The World
2-  "    "     "  -Life You Lead
3-Imbroglio-Peachgrove Whore
4-    "    -Suicide Pact
5-Helmet-Exactly What You Wanted
6-  "   -(High)Visibilty
7-Off-These Nightmares
8- " -Ice King
9-Kennedy Carpool-Attempting Arson
10-  "       "   -Confessions
11-Mischevious Conduct-Lies Will Return
12-     "         "   -Mad Man
13-The Gammas-Antibodies
14- "     "  -(Help Us)Searching For The Elephant
15-Tesco Vees Hate Police-I Club Baby Seals
16-  "     "    "    "   -Jeff Boy R Deee
17-Shocklift-Scream Bloody Murder
18-    "    -The Undertaker
19-Absolution Project-Unconscious Thoughts
20-    "         "   -Not This Time
21-Dayglo Abortions-My Mother Was A Man
22-   "       "    -Let's Get Drunk
23-Theurgist-The Fallen
24-    "    -Arms Of Honor
25-Bludwulf-Wasteland Interceptor
26-    "   -The Horror
27-Hold It High-Lumberjack and Coke
28-  "   "   " -Ignorance is Relief