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Apr 30, 2009

A somber return to the web-waves this week, I have decided to dedicate this, my return episode to my younger sister Pheadra Shannon who passed away on April 3rd. Not your normal episode, I reveal much of her life and struggles it entailed for both her and I. Rather than answer a pile of emails from everyone, I thought letting fans and friends know at the same time where I've been seems like the right course of action. Here's a list Miscreants and Hoodlums I deemed worthy enough to help me honor her memory:

1-I.N.C.-What Are You Looking At
2-Annihilator-Kraf Dinner
3-Abdicate-Burden Of Existence
4-If Hope Dies-Anthem For The Unemployable
5-Painkillers-Slave(Live GKT 2006)
6-Tough Times-Blindfolding The Blind
7-Heredity Unknown-Candy
8-Rollins Band-Someday Becomes Yesterday
9-Burn Everything-Your Weapon Is Guilt
10-Loss For Words-Some Things Will Never Change
11-NKOTR-Falling Apart
12-Avulsion-End Of All Flesh
13-Ball Cheese Psychotics-Bad Dream
14-Nobody Lives Forever-Of Things Past
15-Baphomet-Autopsy(Demo 89)
16-Setiva-Bury Me
17-Mystery Dedication