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Apr 2, 2009

This week on the Metal Inquisition, more of asskicking music you get here weekly, a few new posts from the MySpace, a Head2Head Battle featuring Surreality VS. Mass Casualty, listen and vote or suffer!!! We "Bridge the Gap" to OH, UK and even Australia to sample some non-local flavor...Congrats to Dead To The World for winning last weeks Head2Head, look for their song to adorn the MI MySpace Player soon!!! Here's the shortlist of people who all agree that Slash's upcoming solo project will cause Metal Heads all over the world to gouge out their eardrums for fear of ever hearing it:

1-Hyperion Blast-Killing Time(Live HellattheHall 08)
2-137-What Doesn't Kill You
3-Electric Wizard-Satanic Rites of Drugula
4-Vile Vindiction-My Kingdom Is Flawed
5-Theurgist-The Fallen
6-King Snyder-Revolution Rising
7-Darkling-Welcome Home
8-The Sycos-No Body, No Crime(Live HellattheHall 08)
9-Strong Intention-Monuments Of Shit
11-Surreality-Oceanic Refuge
12-Mass Casualty-Betrayed
13-Fear Of Reality-They Raped The Land
14-Fuck...I'm Dead-Twist Of Death
15- "      "   "  -Army Of Hermaphrodites