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Feb 26, 2009

This week we continue the onslaught, bringing WNY and The World the very best our scene has to offer as well as throwing in a few national/international acts to spice things up a bit. A Head2Head Battle between Cult Of War and Sons Of Azrael will surely soothe the pickiest of listeners...congrats to Kennedy Carpool for winning last weeks Head2Head, look for a song from them to adorne the Metal Inquisition MySpace Media Player soon. No Travis the chimp jokes here, I've already reserved a seat next to the furnace in Hades on our sister show Noah's Ark with that bit, seeing I have absolutely no decency or morals, we'll say the following is a list of cretins that would have made a "Monkey Brain Brunch" outta that little bastards head, rather than the opposite:

1-Burn This City-Slam Pig(Live In Orlando)
2-For The Horde-JFC(Jim Freakin' Carrey)
3-Baphomet-Leave The Flesh
4-To Ed Gein-Cannibal Boxeur
5-Malevolent Creation-Perish In Flames
6-Tough Times-Blindfolding The Blind
7-Bedlam Of Cacophony-Turmoil Machine
8-Serenity Falls-Repentance
9-Cult Of War-Shut Your Mouth When Your Talking To Me
10-Sons Of Azrael-The Grand Design
11-The Apologies-Fauxfathers
12-Extreme Noise Terror-If Killing Was Legal(Live-MohawkPlace07)
13-Beyond Death-Green Liquid Debris
14-Balfor-The Perfect Fire
15-Havoc-War On Humanity
16-The Bonesaw Romance-Muchomegadouchefuck
17-Dayglo Abortions-My Girl
18-   "       "    -Cash Bash