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Jul 31, 2011

In the tradition of absolute professionalism, we at MI show would like to present to you, the "I Have Absolutely No Idea What I'm Doing" episode. No Metal News, commercial free and jam packed with several flavors of metally goodness. Less talk, more tunes, it's plain and straight forward, a proverbial engineer boot to the taint. Tune in for a the best of the past, present and future of metal from all over WNY and the world.

Including the Annual Pheadra Shannon B-Day Rememberance Mystery Albumside

1-Low Road Revival-Ruined Man's Hymn
2-The Uta Hagens-Why?
3-Beers Metal-I Need A Beer
4-Nobody Lives Forever-Of Things Past
5-Brain Pollution-No Reason
6-Heavy Hearted-Overcast
7-Asphyx-Summoning The Storm
8-Suffocation-To Weep Once More
9-Vio-Lence-Calling In The Coroner
10-Spater-Mud and Nails
11-Cursed From Birth-Winds Of Pain
12-Bathory-For All Those That Died
13-Imbrolio-Sleep Deprivation
14-Billy Mayes War Machine-The Curse of Mankind
15-Signs Of Hope-Moving On
16-Accept-Down and Out
17-No Love Lost-Here It Comes
---Annual Pheadra Shannon B-Day Mystery Albumside---
19-A special pick from her own collection
21-Tune in to find out what little sister loved to crank