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Jun 26, 2011

We start the show this week with a blast of metally goodness, a smokey set to get on the good foot. Block 2 is an oldschoolers delight, a where are they now set, featuring some bands you probably don't hear often, if ever. What the hell did he just play?...that describes most of the third block, who knows what we were thinking, do we need a motive to crank out the jams? The final module features LIVE audio from Dead Before Dawn's CD Release Party, whether you missed it the first time or your just recapping like the rest of the cool people, it's a welcome sonic assault of metalcore to drive your demons back.

1-Cannibus Corpse-Blame It On Bud
2-Scatterbrain-Earache My Eye
3-Circus Grenade-The Fire Song
4-Pantera-Up Lift
5-The Meatmen-I Want Drugs
6-Mucky Pup-Laughing In Your Face
7-Mad Posture-Whimsicle on a Stick
8-Post Mortem-It Was Just A Thought
9-Cadense-Medication Meditation
10-Fates Warning-Prelude To Ruin
11-Atrophy-Best Defense
12-Yogth Sothoth-Rites Of Destruction
14-Demented Dream States-Snows of Eternal Silence
15-Anal Cunt-I Lit Your Baby On Fire
16-Drunken Orgy Of Destruction-Watch The Clones Dance
17-Pungent Stench-Pulsating Protoplasm
18-24---Dead Before Dawn CD Release Party Recap---