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Mar 27, 2011

From the netherworld and beyond, Metal Inquisition continues to set the bar for metal shows, so confident are we in our craft, that we continue to be the only show that slams it's playlist on the table, followed by a dagger and says, "I got your metal, right here!". No filler, no edgemetal, no bullshit. Join us as we "Shred The Headlines", bastion's back...he's certainly not sober. Spring is nowhere near WNY yet, that being said, break out the sippin' spirits and the needforspeed and stay in, even if Headbangers Ball is still missing...

1-For The Horde-John Elway
2-Cosmic Sea-Terminal Visions
3-The Year Of Arson-No Downers
4-Armcannon-Rygar Medley
5-In Tongues-12 Steps
6-Where She Wept-The Deer Will Hunt
7-Mice Of Gods- Devils House
8-Chikinfist-Smashed Asshole
9-Bleed For Me-Beautiful Day
10-D.R.I.-Mad Man
11-Hero Destroyed-You Might As Well Go Plan B
12-Nuse-Lizard King
13-The Reefer Hut-Paint Me A Picture
14-Revocation-Dismantle The Dictator
15-Anchony-The Right Way To Die
16-No Love Lost-There It Goes
17-Dyinse-Raining Fire
18-Arsenic-The Mask
19-Blind Hysteria-Coming After You