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Nov 21, 2010

This week we play nothing but local artists, double stab style. No commercials. No bullshit. Just some of the finest metal our scene has to offer, served up in double portions.

We'll "Bash The Ball", reviewing the last Headbangers Ball that aired (so you don't have to watch), GWAR hosted, if you DVR it like me, it may have some redeemable qualites worthy of a few playbacks. We'll also "Open The Casket" a few times to remember those that have been and gone, but not forgotten.

Here's a list of ne'erdowells and slashthroats that agree, if Gwar hosted the Ball every week, the world would be a better place.

1-Hold It High-Old Man River
2- "   "    " -Holy Hell
3-Calamity From The Skies-Demented Contrivance
4-    "      "   "    "  -Dogma
5-Darkling-Another Day Down
6-   "    -State Of Hate(IHTFP)
8-  "  -Execution Protocol
9-Circadian Drift-Cluster
10-   "       "  -Gray Matter
11-Into Ruin-You Know The Sting
12-  "    " -Not Exactly Work
13-Three Minutes Of Hate-Animal
14-  "      "     "   " -Death From Above
15-Burn Everything-Apathy For Destruction
16-  "      "     -Your Weapon Is Guilt
17-Vile Vindiction-Puritanical Winterlight
18-  "      "     -Visions
19-Abdicate-Trail Of Blood
20-   "    -Resurrecting Ancient War
21-Theurgist-The Unseen
22-   "     -The Fallen
23-Penetration-Victory Or Death
24-   "       -Bishop Slayer